Why invest in a home security system?

Posted by Buttonwood Inc. on Nov 30, 2015 10:11:55 PM

In the world of wireless technology, the exponential improvements available to consumers have helped transform many of the products we use on a daily basis. Average household commodities, which we usehome security system wireless technology inside and outside our home, seem to be "reborn" through each wave of new technology. Simple improvements continue to bring an increased level of usability, functionality, and interoperability to our daily routine.

Home security is no different. In fact, considering how common and accessible wireless technologies are, home security systems are now more accessible to the modern home owner than ever before.

Thanks to innovation and reasonable price points, this year may be the best time to invest in a home security system, (especially considering Buttonwood Communications is offering free consultations on home technology installations between now and the end of 2015...).

Back in the days when we called our friends from a landline, home security options (and installation) were rather impractical for the average homeowner. In fact, many of those  options were just as inconvenient as the dial-up internet services of the time, which was also tied to your house's landline.boston home security system wireless technology

A huge improvement across the home security industry is the wireless transmission of alarm signals over 4G cell towers. Now, unlike 20 years ago, there is no landline requirement for a home security systems. Especially when considering the inclement weather in the Northeast we face every winter, the eyes and ears of your home's security system do not depend on a single wire being fed from the service pole on the street.

(Worth noting, although your most recurrent home security nightmare likely isn't someone climbing a service pole on the street and cutting the one wire that provides support to your security system, you would be covered if such a crafty invader gave it a try... But seriously, seasoned buglers have a keen eyes for such setups, and IT DOES HAPPEN! Check out this article for other surprising home invasion statistics.)


In the past, installing these systems was a hassle, and required wires being pulled through walls to connect everything. The actual process of installing a security system shouldn't be of concern to the homeowner, but the longer the installation process, the more the homeowner is charged for labor. 

Today, installations can be completed more efficiently, which reflects the core differences in today's security options. For one, many wireless systems have alarms and sensors which communicate with a central control panel through limited hardwiring. The user enjoys the ease of use once the system is up and running, but will also appreciate how quickly installers are done with the job and out of your home.

boston home securityModern home security systems can be designed to have sensors at every window and door for a reasonable cost. Thanks to the practicalities of wireless technology, you can outfit your security system with more than just sensors and alarms, but also include wireless motion detectors, and life safety devices.

Wireless motion detectors are an important auxiliary piece of your home security system. While integrating perfectly with your smart home's central lighting system, motion detectors are much faster at putting eyes on a compromised area than you are. When they're off security duty, motion detectors are diligently saving you money on your energy bill thanks to their efficiency.

Wireless life safety devices, like smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, etc., also integrate with your home security system. This helps create a unified command center for your home, including all wireless devices you have installed. Even better, as your needs change or expand, everything can be tied into your exisiting centralized security system.

boston home security


For those reluctant to change, you may already feel comfortable with your standard, battery operated smoke detector when you are home. Which is fine. You know it's pretty loud and it will wake you up in the case of an emergency. But what about when you are away on vacation?

Your neighbor won't hear it, and they will only be able to call for aid once they are woken by the sound/sight/smell of your house up in flames. Again, thanks to the wireless transmission available in new security systems, alerts can be sent directly to authorities immediately, and you'll have the peace of mind knowing the situation is in the right hands.

While away on vacation, the wireless communication with your home allows you to enable and disable alarms and settings from afar with your phone or tablet. If you know when someone is coming to walk the dog, you can disable the alarm, and if they forget to re-arm the home afterwards, you can do so with a few clicks.

Lastly, another benefit of having a robust security system installed in your home is the improved value of your property if it comes time to sell. If you don't plan to move, lower insurance rates usually accompany homes with home security systems installed.

If your house is the one you've owned for 20 years, or you are a first time buyer, give Buttonwood Communications a call for a free consultation on home security systems. We are Boston home security leaders.

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