Home Automation Trends for 2016

Posted by Buttonwood Inc. on Dec 29, 2015 1:12:09 PM

We're at the close of another year, and it's time to look ahead. 2015 wasn't the birth of the smart home revolution, but it has brought dozens of new products fit for even the modest home owner, and hundreds of reasons to be excited for next year.

Smart home technology offers incredible advancements in convenience and efficiency, and there's always something exciting to look forward to. Here are a few things we expect to see as popular home automation solutions in the new year.

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Topics: Home Automation, Lighting, Wireless Technology

Improving the simple things with home automation

Posted by Buttonwood Inc. on Dec 15, 2015 10:33:04 PM

There is certainly part of the term "home automation" that scares people away. Fancy gadgets, head-scratching jargon, and confusing installation instructions can deter many from considering those brand-spankin-new smart home solutions.

However, open-minded homeowners will find that many of the annoying aspects of your daily routine can be improved with some twenty-first century updates. In fact, wouldn't the "real world" and "nine-to-five grind" seem so much easier without some of those mundane responsibilities we assume are required?

Instead of focusing on specific products, how about ideas? What does life look like when your home is working for you?  Here are some home automation ideas that can improve the simple things in life, room by room.

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Topics: Home Automation, Lighting, Wireless Technology

Benefits of using Lighting Controls

Posted by Buttonwood Inc. on Nov 11, 2015 7:06:51 PM

Up here in the Northeast, the end of daylight savings often seems abrupt. The simple shift of sunlit hours, which dwindle every day, presents undesirable changes in our daily routine. 

Many hardworking locals are beginning and ending their day in the dark, which exposes an even greater need for lighting control on your property, and in your home. With the deep-fall and a long winter looming, adding lighting automation to your home control system is more necessary than any other time of year.

 Here's a look at a few reasons why a light control system is a smart investment...

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