5 Luxury Home Theaters

Posted by Lauren on Aug 5, 2015 5:55:00 PM

Home theaters aren’t just for celebrities anymore. In 2013 Americans reportedly spent over $14 billion on home theaters, according to CNN. While the average home theater costs $26,000, CNN reported that it was the ultra high-end category that was on the rise.

While we here at Buttonwood love home theaters of all shapes, sizes, and budgets, we thought we’d share our five favorites for you to enjoy.

1. The White House


(Credit: White House Museum)

Probably one of the most famous home theaters, the White House Family Theater was constructed from a cloakroom in 1942 while the East Wing was being built. The room contains 40 richly upholstered seats, with four large armchairs in the front row. Originally the room was adorned with white curtains and a floral design, but today it boasts a daring red motif thanks to former First Lady Laura Bush.

While most presidents enjoyed the theater, none did more so than Dwight Eisenhower. According to the White House Museum website, Ike watched more than 200 westerns during his two-term presidency, his favorite being Gary Cooper’s High Noon.

The White House Theater uses real film on a two projector system—no DVDs, and certainly no Netflix. To make sure everything is perfect for the First Family, the projectionist has to make sure to keep switching between reels at precisely the right time.

Check out the video below to see how the White House Family Theater evolved over time.


2. Ryan Seacrest's Home Theater


(Credit: Modern Home Theater)

Ryan Seacrest’s fully automated home theater is the personification of luxury. Draped in warm wood tones, this immense screening room boasts a retro 35mm film projector, four in-wall speakers, and two in-wall subwoofers. In the photos below, you can see a union projectionist waiting to spin up 35mm film and the projection room entrance of of the bathroom.

3. The $6 Million Home Theater


(Credit: HGTV)

If you’re wondering why this is dubbed the $6 million theater, wonder no more: A 22 foot diagonal screen which at the beginning of the movie “vanishes to reveal a mirage-like image fidelity bringing you right into the action” (HGTV). This theater also contains an orchestra section, a double-story balcony, and custom acoustic materials for total noise isolation. This masterpiece was built for an Argentinian tycoon by Jeremy Kipnis of the Connecticut-based Kipnis studios.


4. The Titanic Home Theater

(Credit: toptenfamous.com)

This home theater is as luxurious and elaborate as its namesake. Privately owned by a couple in Tennessee, this theater comes with a 120” inch screen and TruAudio surround sound speakers for a truly immersive cinematic experience. The theater also comes with 1230 fiber optic lighting to give the room an open-sky effect.


5. Star Trek Evergreen Ultimate Home Theater

(Credit:  Digital Trends)

What better place to watch your favorite movies than the bridge of the Starship Enterprise? With motorized air locks on doors, ultra-plush seats, and special “outer-space” sound effects, this theater’s aesthetic loyalty to the Star Trek universe is enough to delight the most rabid fans and inspire new ones. The theater comes equipped with intelligent concert lighting, DMX512 controls, and commercial level HVAC. If you’re in the Captain’s chair, you can use the 15” tablet to control the entire cinematic experience for you and your fellow space travelers.

The best part? The theater comes with a fully-stocked bar for patron convenience.


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